Outreach for Health Inc. is a 501(C)(3) Nevada not-for-profit charitable organization dedicated to improving health in the community through increasing access to primary care and integrative medicine, preventive health services, and health education. We offer a low-cost office visit fee for eligible patients. We also provide free outreach clinics within the greater Reno area, health education talks, and preventive health screenings.

Who We Serve

  • Individuals with medicaid, which does not cover integrative medicine services
  • Individuals who meet low income guidelines
  • Full-time college students

Services We Offer

  • Primary Care- Focused on Prevention and Wellness
  • Integrative & Functional Medicine Approach
  • Annual Physicals, Pap Smears, & health check-ups

We believe in a patient-centered integrative medicine approach, and blend western conventional medicine with evidence-based natural approaches to treat the underlying root cause of symptoms. Our focus is on prevention, as prevention truly is the best medicine. Our goal is to empower patients to take control of their own health.

Take back your health, take back your life!